April Houston Reiki Classes

Houston Reiki Classes - Reiki Junkie Workshops

I’m excited that I am able to take the Reiki Junkie Workshops on the road especially in my beloved state of Texas. I’ll be relocating in a couple of months to Baltimore, so being able to travel to Houston before I do is something I’m very excited about!

New Houston Reiki Classes dates below:

Level I-4/23/2016 @ 10:30-2:30

Level II-4/23/2016 @ 2:30-5:30

Level III-4/24/2016 @ 12:30-5:30

To register you may go to the ‘Reiki Junkie Workshops’ website (see picture) and click on the Contact page to request an invoice for your specific class request or email Reiki Master, Nessa Grace, directly at reikijunkieworkshops@gmail.com

Thank you & Namaste!

Nessa Grace