Peace Love Reiki


I love starting and ending my days with meditation and Reiki. Both practices has brought me so much peace and has lifted energy blocks that was keeping me from receiving abundance in my life. At the beginning I struggled with making each practice a part of my daily routine. But I soon realized I was showing myself the true love I know I deserved for the very first time. The more love and light I allowed myself to have; any darkness I was holding on to left my life and the healing began. Now, I couldn’t be more grateful for the abundance of love and peace I now have each and every day! ❤Nessa Grace

2016 Reiki Class Schedule:

Dallas Reiki Classes-April 9-10
Houston Reiki Classes-April 23-24
Baltimore Reiki Classes-May 7-6
Baltimore Reiki Classes-July 2-3
Atlanta Reiki Classes-July 16-17
Richmond Reiki Classes-July 30-31

Love and Light,
Nessa Grace