Numinous Massage & Bodywork founder, Vanessa Martin, LMT, first heard of Reiki during the process of getting her Texas Massage Therapy license in 2013. Once she became attuned to Reiki and began her own healing and spiritual journey, she quickly realized her calling to be a Reiki Master and wanted to share this gift of healing with as many people as possible. Prior to starting her private practice as a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, Vanessa gained over 20 years of teaching, coaching and corporate training experience with the unique ability to adapt to all learning styles. Her former students age have ranged from pre-school to older adults and have trained and provided long term coaching to corporate companies in Irving, Texas; Manila, Philippines and in Monterrey, Mexico. Vanessa is looking forward to extend her teaching experience when meeting new people of all walks of life who are also being called to Reiki and who seek additional guidance in their healing and spiritual journey.

Reiki Junkie Workshops
Vanessa Martin, LMT- Numinous Massage & Bodywork Founder

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